Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mobile Application Development today's Demand for Business Growth

It is a known fact that with millions of mobile users across the world the necessity for high-class and outstanding mobile apps development are the need of the hour. Smartphones apps development has increased hugely as the mobile is apparently not just seen as a gadget to make calls. Mobile application development has led to the formation of many progressive and exclusive applications such as web browsing, email, games, wireless information, internet faxing, services etc. Mobile developers has turned the simple mobile device into a a specialized business handset by creating user friendly and dynamic apps.

Booming mobile application platforms have become very popular for business growth. Many  successful businesses are doing most of their essential work on mobiles using specialized but  simple applications. In this era, the internet surfing has become so popular and the maximum work is being done through mobile.

Mobile platforms for a variety of industries:-

The mobile application differs from platform to platform and one application cannot be created to run on all the platforms. Every mobile platform is different and therefore can run certain applications that are developed for a specific technology. Some of the main platforms used by developers for designing the mobile related software can be listed as:-

• iPhone
• Android
• Blackberry
• Windows mobile
• J2ME mobile
• Symbian
• iPad
• Android Tablet

Reasons to choose Mobile App for Business:-

With excess usage of data as compared to voice, mobile devices are now substituting desktops and Notebooks. In the last 4 years mobile subscribers have increased expotentially and the number is growing rapidly. Mobile users have begun using their gadgets for retrieving web, social networking websites, finding local restaurants, hotels, making purchases etc.

To help you to select the correct option for your business, we have made a comparison between mobile apps and mobile web.

• User experience:- Mobile websites are fine options for retrieving content, catalogs and shopping purposes because they are reachable by search engines.

• Platform independence:- One of the tasks facing every industry is to decide which mobile platforms to use. The three major platforms today are iOS, Android and Blackberry.

• Update:- If there’s a bug in the website, it can be resolved and is updated real time for all devices. An app will have to wait for next planned update or a manual update by the phone user.

• Usage:- For the first time client who wants to give your service a try, go through the particular app stores to search and install the application and the use. Though a website is only a click away to use,  an application which is downloading will stay in the phone and remind the user to try it again.

Advantages of Mobile Application Development:-

Mobile application development is the perfect platform for innovative technology and systems for handheld devices. These apps when connected totally allow full access to the handset’s progressive features such as multi-touch interface, dialers, address book, calendar and various other business applications.

• A client directly gets the mobile application developed by an offshore mobile development company and does not need to do any kind of marketing for its products through third party members.

• Mobile developers can design, develop and customize the mobile apps as per the client’s requirements. It is a most cost effective way of communicating with a target customer base. It is an interactive medium.

• World-class mobile apps development is achievable only due to the professional, technical and functional expertise given by the companies who have in-depth information of a variety of business verticals.

Process of Mobile Application Development:-

Mobile devices could be an individual digital assistant, venture digital assistant or mobile phones. Such devices are reserve constrained, low power ones and the process for designing software for different devices is known as Mobile Development. Mobile app developer can design the games, utility software or personalized applications. Mobile software development makes use of different platforms for starting the development process. Some of the processes for designing the mobile related software can be listed as:-

• Concept sketching
• Research & strategies
• Wire-framing
• User interface design
• Development
• Testing
• App store submission
• Marketing

As we peep into today’s world, we can clearly see the boom in mobile development. Developing mobile applications is not a simple job. While developing mobile apps, developers have to face many problems. With rising competition and demand in mobile apps field, companies are hurrying to offer end-to-end solutions.

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